April 17, 2024
Review: CHAMPRO Touchback Football Player Pants – Durable, Flexible, and Stylish
We recently had the opportunity to try out the CHAMPRO Men's Touchback Football Practice Pants, and we were thoroughly impressed. These pants are not only durable but also incredibly flexible, allowing for a wide range of motion on the field. The sleek design and stylish look make them a great choice for any football player looking to up their game in both performance and style. While it's worth noting that pads and a belt are not included with the pants, we found them to be a comfortable and reliable option for practice sessions. Overall, we highly recommend the CHAMPRO Touchback Football Player Pants for any player looking for a high-quality, versatile option for their practice needs.

Looking for the perfect pair of⁤ football practice⁤ pants that are durable, ⁣flexible, and comfortable? Look ‍no further than the ⁣CHAMPRO Men’s Touchback‍ Football Practice Pants! We recently got​ our hands on a pair and put them‍ to the test. Made of 100% ⁤Polyester Dyno-Stretch double-knit ⁢fabric, these pants are‌ built to last. The cover stitched design ensures ​optimum durability, while the no-show belt ⁤system with ten slots keeps your belt securely in place for a clean, sleek look. The envelope-style ‍thigh and knee pockets are perfect for holding pads, and the zig-zag‌ stitching⁣ prevents ‌fraying. With a 2 ½” elastic waistband and ½” leg openings, these pants offer a comfortable and secure fit. ‍Available in a range of sizes and colors, these pants are a⁣ must-have for any ​serious football player. ⁣Stay tuned as we dive deeper⁢ into our experience with the CHAMPRO Men’s Touchback​ Football Practice Pants!

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I must say,⁤ these CHAMPRO Touchback Football Practice Pants are truly something. ‍The 100% Polyester Dyno-Stretch double-knit‍ fabric ⁤makes them incredibly durable and ⁣flexible, perfect for⁢ the rough ⁣and tumble world of football. The cover stitching adds an extra layer of⁣ durability, ensuring these pants will last through countless ⁣practices⁤ and games. The no-show belt system⁢ is‍ a ⁢game-changer, ‌with ten ​slots inside ​the ‍waistband to keep the belt ‍in place while giving ​athletes a sleek, ⁤clean look.

The envelope-style thigh and knee pockets ‌are a brilliant addition, ‌ready to hold​ pads securely ‍in place during intense gameplay. The ‌zig-zag stitching ‍on​ the pockets prevents fraying, so you can count on these pants to withstand the test of time. With a comfortable ​2 ½” elastic waistband and ½” leg‍ openings, these pants offer a secure‍ and ⁢snug fit⁣ for any player. Available in a ⁣range of sizes⁣ and⁢ colors, these⁤ pants are a must-have for any serious football player. Just remember, you’ll need to purchase the⁣ belt and pads separately.

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Key Features and Highlights

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When​ it comes to football practice pants, ⁢the CHAMPRO Touchback Football Pants truly stand ‌out with their top-notch features ⁢and highlights. Constructed from 100% Polyester Dyno-Stretch double-knit‌ fabric, these pants⁣ offer both durability and flexibility for optimal performance on the ​field. The cover stitched design ensures maximum durability, making these pants a reliable choice for intense⁤ practice sessions.

One⁢ of the ⁤key highlights ⁢of these football pants is⁤ the ‌no-show belt system with ten slots inside the⁤ waistband, providing ‌athletes with a sleek, clean look while ⁢keeping the ‍belt securely in place. The envelope-style thigh ⁢and knee pockets ⁣are​ perfect for holding‌ pads, and ⁣the zig-zag stitching prevents ⁢fraying, ensuring long-lasting use. ⁣With a⁢ comfortable 2 ½” elastic waistband and ½” leg openings, these pants​ offer⁤ a secure fit that allows players to move⁤ freely without any⁣ restrictions. Available in⁢ a​ range of sizes and colors, the CHAMPRO ‌Touchback Football ⁣Pants ⁣are a must-have for any⁤ serious football player looking for quality practice gear. ⁢Don’t miss out ‌on upgrading ⁣your practice kit with these ⁤exceptional football pants -⁤ check⁣ them out ‌on Amazon today!

Insider Insights and Recommendations

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When it comes to ⁢football practice ‍pants, the CHAMPRO ‍Touchback Football Pants are top-notch. Made of ⁢100% Polyester Dyno-Stretch double-knit fabric, these pants‌ are ⁢not only durable but also⁣ incredibly flexible, allowing⁣ for a wide range of motion on the field. ‌The cover-stitched ‍construction ensures optimum durability, meaning these pants will ‌last through countless practices and games without fraying or wearing out.

One of the standout features ​of the ​CHAMPRO Touchback Football Pants is the innovative no-show ‌belt system.‍ With ten slots for⁢ the belt inside⁤ the waistband, athletes can enjoy a clean, sleek look while ‌keeping their belt securely ⁤in place. The envelope-style⁤ thigh and knee pockets are perfect​ for holding pads,⁢ and the zig-zag stitching prevents any fraying. ‍With a ⁣comfortable elastic waistband and secure leg openings, these⁣ pants provide a snug yet comfortable fit ⁢for ‍players of all‍ sizes. Available‍ in a variety‌ of colors and ​sizes, these pants are a must-have for any serious football⁢ player. Gear⁢ up for your next practice or game with ‍the‌ CHAMPRO​ Touchback Football Pants.

Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer ​reviews for the CHAMPRO Men’s Touchback Football Practice Pants, we found that the ⁢overall feedback⁣ was mixed.⁣ Here is a summary of the ⁢key points ​mentioned ​by⁢ customers:

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
Bought these because the freshman‌ team gets⁤ the old stretched out leftovers that didn’t ⁤fit my kid. Run small, but ⁣these are the perfect practice pants. Company⁢ was great⁤ about the exchange. My kid ⁤loves his and now the‍ rest of the team wants them. The price is right and, about 8 weeks in, they seem to ‍be holding up great on my 6′ 180lb lineman. He even washes his ‍own and they still look ​good.

Perfect⁣ size

They Got the job done

It does not come with any pads and is a ‌very loose fit. Also they charge you 5$ to return it

My son like them. Although they DO NOT have⁤ pads in them and that’s what he needs. He liked the fit ​and ​they are comfortable just not needed for tackle ‍sports.

The media could not be loaded.

I ⁣was a little worried due to the reviews but we are happy with ⁣these football pants. ⁣After ⁤searching all ​over my⁢ town I came to Amazon as I could not find any football pants (with no pads) for my son to play football!‌ He already ‌has ​the 7 pad girdle pants so we‍ needed⁣ just ‍regular football pants, without pads, for his‌ games! I took a⁣ chance on these and⁢ they are great. I also ordered a belt for them. The pants come with‍ slats ‌inside so ‍that you can⁤ put​ a‍ belt through ​them ⁣easily. My son is‌ 5’7 and 170 lbs and these⁤ large⁣ for‍ perfect. Like others‌ mentioned, I should have read⁤ the reviews. These pants don’t come with any pads ‍or ‍a belt like shown ‍in the pictures.‍ I went to their website ⁢prior⁤ to ordering to make ⁤sure I was ordering the correct size for my waist. M JUST‌ fit me⁣ with just⁣ a ‌little⁣ bit of ⁢wiggle‍ room. The pants ⁢are comfortable to wear, but really disappointed that ​the pads⁣ weren’t included as shown⁤ in the​ photo.Only got​ them for a football ​Halloween costume so it works ​for what I need it for. Stuffed⁣ the slots for pads ⁢with 1/2” foam⁤ which I cut to fit.

Picture shows⁣ pads…I should ‌have read ⁢the reviews to realize‌ what you receive it’s nothing what’s pictured as well.

Overall, ⁤customers appreciated the durability‌ and flexibility of the CHAMPRO Touchback Football ⁢Practice Pants. However, some were disappointed⁤ by the fact that the pants do not​ come ⁢with pads or a belt as shown in the ⁣pictures.

Pros & Cons

Pros‍ & Cons


  • Durable 100% Polyester Dyno-Stretch fabric
  • Cover ⁣stitched for optimum ⁢durability
  • No-show​ belt⁣ system ‍with ten slots for a⁢ sleek‌ look
  • Envelope-style thigh and knee pockets ‌ready ​for ​pads
  • Zig-zag sewn pockets to‌ prevent fraying
  • Comfortable 2 ½” elastic waistband ‌and ½” leg openings
  • Available⁤ in⁤ a wide range ⁢of sizes and colors


Issue Impact
Belt and pads⁣ sold separately Extra cost for complete set-up


Q: Are these football practice pants machine washable?

A: Yes,⁣ these‌ CHAMPRO‍ Touchback Football Practice Pants are machine washable. We recommend washing them in cold water​ and‍ tumble drying on low heat to maintain the quality and shape ⁤of ⁢the pants.

Q: Do‌ these pants come with pads and a belt?

A: No, ⁣these football practice pants do not come ‍with pads or a⁣ belt. They are ‍designed to ‌accommodate pads and feature a⁢ no-show belt ⁣system with ten slots inside‍ the waistband for a sleek‍ and secure fit.

Q: Can these pants withstand⁤ heavy use and rough play?

A: Yes, ​these​ CHAMPRO⁣ Touchback Football Practice Pants are made of ‍durable 100%⁢ Polyester Dyno-Stretch double-knit fabric that⁣ is ⁤cover ‍stitched for maximum durability. They are‍ designed to withstand heavy use and rough play on ⁢the football field.

Q: Are these pants available ⁢in youth sizes?

A: Yes, these Touchback Football Practice ​Pants are available in youth ⁢sizes from S to XL, as well as in ⁣adult sizes from S⁤ to 5XL. ​They ⁣are designed​ to fit ⁢athletes of all ‍ages and ⁢sizes​ comfortably and securely.

Q: What ‍color⁤ options‌ are available for these football practice pants?

A: These CHAMPRO Touchback Football ⁣Practice Pants are available in Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue,​ Scarlet Red, Silver, and White. ‍You can ⁤choose ⁢from a variety of ​colors to match your team’s uniforms or ⁢personal style.

Q: How do the sizes⁣ run for these football practice ‌pants?

A: These Touchback Football Practice Pants are true to size ​and have a comfortable, secure fit. We recommend referring ‌to the size chart⁣ provided by​ CHAMPRO to find the ​best fit for you or your team⁢ members. ⁣

Discover the Power

As we wrap up our review of the CHAMPRO Touchback​ Football ⁣Player Pants, we ‍can confidently say that these pants are a top ​choice for athletes⁣ looking for ⁣durability,​ flexibility, ​and style on the ⁣field.⁤ With features ​like the ‌Dyno-Stretch fabric, no-show belt‌ system, and envelope-style​ pockets for pads, these pants have ⁢everything you‌ need to perform at your best.

Don’t miss ​out on the ⁣opportunity⁢ to elevate your game with the ‍CHAMPRO Touchback Football Player Pants. ⁣Click here to get your ​own ‌pair ​today and experience ‍the difference for yourself: CHAMPRO Touchback Football Player ‍Pants.

Thank you​ for⁢ reading ‍our review, and we hope you ​found it ⁢helpful⁣ in ‌making your ⁣decision. Stay tuned ‌for ⁤more product reviews ⁤and‌ recommendations from us!

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