April 13, 2024
Accurate Measurements Made Easy: SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale
Accurate Measurements Made Easy: SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale Have you ever struggled with getting precise measurements while cooking or baking? We understand the frustration of trying to convert different units and keep track of weights and volumes. That's why we were thrilled to discover the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale! With this ingenious device, we no longer need multiple measuring tools cluttering our kitchen. The SmartHeart allows us to effortlessly switch between using it as a cup or as a scale platform, depending on our needs. And the best part? It provides accurate measurements in grams, lbs/oz, fluid oz, and cups, ensuring we can follow any recipe without a hitch. The sleek design of the SmartHeart adds a touch of elegance to our kitchen, while the easy-to-read digital display makes it a breeze to measure ingredients precisely. Whether we're baking a decadent cake or whipping up a healthy smoothie, this reliable measuring cup scale has become our go-to kitchen companion. Say goodbye to recipe mishaps and hello to culinary perfection with the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale!

Welcome to our product review blog post! Today, we‍ want to share our first-hand experience with the SmartHeart ⁣Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale. This innovative kitchen tool has become an essential part ⁣of our cooking ⁣and recipe preparation, thanks to its accurate measurements and convenient unit conversions.

With‌ dimensions ‌of 8 x 6 x 6 inches​ and ⁢weighing just 1.32 pounds, this measuring cup scale is‍ compact and lightweight, making it⁤ easy to integrate into any kitchen setup. The item ​model number is 19-109, and it was first made available ⁤on December 10, 2021, by Veridian Healthcare, ‍a trusted manufacturer.

One of the standout features of this product is its five measurement⁣ modes, which include ⁣weight, volume-water, volume-milk, volume-oil, and volume-flour. This versatility allows us to measure various ingredients with ease, ensuring that⁢ our ‍recipes turn out just right every time.

Furthermore, the unit ‍conversion function ⁣is absolutely fantastic. With just the​ push of a button, we can switch between imperial and metric ‍units, including grams, lbs/oz, fluid oz, and ‌cups. This ⁢eliminates the need for manual calculations and simplifies⁢ the cooking process.

Whether we need ‌to measure liquids or solids, the SmartHeart Measuring Cup Scale has got us covered. We can use ‌the detachable plastic cup for⁤ liquid and⁣ soft liquid measurements, while the platform is ideal for weighing solids ⁢directly. The tare weight function ensures accurate measurements by subtracting the weight of the container or plate.

Durability is a ⁤key factor when choosing kitchen tools, and ‍we ‍were pleasantly surprised by the sturdiness of this product. It features a plastic base ⁣and pitcher, both of ‌which are washable ⁢for​ easy cleaning. The cup also has graduated markings, making it suitable for measuring both liquids ‌and dry ‌ingredients. With a capacity of 3 kg/6.6 lbs/4 cups, we have plenty of room ⁤to ​work with.

In‌ conclusion,⁤ the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring ​Cup Scale has ⁤truly impressed us with its precision, versatility, ‍and durability. ⁤We highly recommend it⁣ to anyone⁢ who enjoys cooking ⁢and ‌wants accurate measurements and straightforward unit conversions. Stay⁣ tuned for more‍ product reviews from us!

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We are excited to introduce the SmartHeart​ Digital Kitchen ‌Measuring Cup Scale, a must-have ⁣tool for ⁤any cooking enthusiast⁣ or professional chef. This innovative⁣ kitchen ​scale⁣ offers accurate measurements and convenient unit conversions at the push of ‌a button, making it⁤ a versatile and reliable addition to your culinary arsenal.

With ⁤five measurement modes, including weight, volume-water, volume-milk, ​volume-oil, and volume-flour, this⁤ measuring cup scale caters to all​ your measurement needs. Whether you’re working with liquids or solids, this scale has you covered. ⁢The unit conversion feature allows‍ you ‍to effortlessly‌ switch between ⁣imperial and metric units, saving you time and hassle.

One of the key features of this measuring cup scale is its multiple‌ uses. You can utilize ⁤the ‍cup for liquid and soft liquid measurements, ⁤or ⁤simply place solids⁤ directly onto the ‍scale platform‍ with the tare weight function. The detachable ⁢design makes it easy⁣ to clean, while the durable plastic base⁤ and pitcher ‌ensure its longevity.⁣ The washable cup‍ features ⁢graduated​ markings for both‍ liquid and dry ingredient measurements, with a⁤ generous ‍capacity ⁣of 3⁢ kg / 6.6 lbs / 4 cups.

In conclusion, the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring ⁢Cup Scale‌ is a reliable and ⁤versatile ‍tool that will greatly enhance your cooking and ⁢baking experiences. Its precise measurements, unit conversion capabilities, ⁣and durable construction make ⁤it‌ a standout product in the market. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your culinary ⁣skills with this incredible measuring cup scale. Get yours today by clicking here.

Key Features and ‌Benefits

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  • Five Measurement⁤ Modes: This ⁢digital measuring cup scale offers five‍ different measurement modes, including weight, volume-water,⁣ volume-milk, volume-oil, and volume-flour. Whether you’re measuring‍ ingredients​ for baking, cooking, or preparing a refreshing beverage, this scale has got you covered.

  • Unit Conversion ​at the​ Push of a Button: Say goodbye ‍to manual calculations and conversions. ⁤With just ‌a simple push of a button, you can switch ⁤between⁢ imperial and metric units effortlessly. ⁤This scale allows ‌for unit-conversions in grams, ‍lbs/oz, fluid oz, and cups, making it incredibly convenient to use in any recipe.

  • Multiple Uses:⁤ The versatility⁤ of this measuring⁢ cup scale is truly impressive. It can be used ⁣for liquid and soft liquid measurements using the ⁢cup, or you ⁤can place solids‍ directly on the platform thanks to the tare weight function. Whether you’re measuring liquids or solids, this scale provides ⁤accurate and precise measurements every time.

  • Durable and Detachable: Designed⁢ with durability in mind, this measuring cup scale features a plastic⁢ base and pitcher that can withstand regular use in​ the kitchen. The washable cup comes with graduated ‍markings for both⁤ liquid and dry ingredient use, ensuring accurate measurements. The detachable components make cleaning a‍ breeze.

  • Precise Measurements: Accurate measurements are crucial in cooking and baking, and this digital measuring ​cup scale delivers. ⁣Whether you choose‍ to measure using‍ the cup or on the scale platform, you can trust that​ your measurements will be precise and reliable. This 2-piece scale offers convenience and accuracy for both liquid and⁢ solid measurements.

With its five measurement modes, unit ⁢conversion capabilities, multiple uses, ‌durability, ⁤and precise measurements, the SmartHeart Digital ⁤Kitchen Measuring⁢ Cup Scale is a must-have ‌tool for any home cook or​ professional chef. Upgrade your culinary experience and ensure perfectly measured ingredients with this exceptional product. Don’t miss out on the ⁤benefits it offers, and grab yours today ⁤by clicking here!

In-depth Analysis ⁢and Recommendations

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The SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale offers ​a ⁢range of features that make it​ a ⁤versatile and ⁢valuable kitchen tool. With five measurement‌ modes, including weight, volume-water, volume-milk, volume-oil, and⁤ volume-flour, this measuring cup scale provides‍ accurate measurements for a variety of cooking needs. Whether you’re baking ⁢or following a ⁤recipe, you can easily switch between different units of measurement with the push of a button. The ⁢unit conversion feature ‍allows for seamless transitions between imperial and metric units,⁣ including grams, lbs/oz, fluid oz, and cups.

One of ⁤the standout⁤ features of this measuring ‍cup⁣ scale is its multiple uses. You can use it for both liquid and soft liquid measurements using the‍ cup, or ‌measure solids directly on the ‍platform with ⁣the tare ​weight‌ function. This flexibility makes it​ a convenient tool ⁤for a wide range ⁣of recipes. The durable ​and detachable plastic base and​ pitcher ensure longevity, and the ⁣washable cup ​with graduated markings allows for precise measurement⁣ of both liquid and ⁢dry ingredients. With a capacity of 3‌ kg / 6.6 lbs / 4 cups, this measuring cup scale can ⁢handle all‌ your kitchen⁢ needs.

For accurate and efficient measurements in your cooking and baking ‍adventures, the SmartHeart ⁢Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale is a must-have tool. Its versatile functionality, precise measurements, and easy unit conversion make it a ⁤valuable addition to any kitchen. Click here to get⁤ your hands ‌on this reliable and convenient‍ measuring cup scale now!

Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

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Customer ‌Reviews⁣ Analysis

Here are ‍some customer reviews for the SmartHeart ​Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale:

Review Rating
As advertised. Very convenient to⁢ have a‍ measuring cup and digital scale ⁣all-in​ one, especially ​for the space ⁤conscious. Product works well. Scale seems accurate. You can toggle between imperial and⁢ metric easily. The measuring cup can be pulled apart from the scale if you need them⁢ separate. Product is made of plastic, but ⁣durable ⁢and ​the base has anti skid​ pads.⁢ Should last a long time! 4 out of 5 stars
I’m impressed with this digital kitchen⁣ measuring cup scale. It combines both⁣ a measuring cup ⁤and ​a digital ⁤scale​ into a convenient 2-piece kitchen‍ gadget. You‌ can measure weight as well as volume by 4 different types of ​ingredient (water, milk, oil, or flour). You can also convert between imperial and metric units at the​ press of a button. Accuracy is good and adequate for my ​cooking and baking needs.The gadget is​ pretty sturdy and appears to be well made. The cup is⁢ made of polypropylene​ (PP) while the scale and base⁤ with durable plastic. The cup has volume⁤ markings for both imperial and metric⁣ units. The digital scale display is on the top of the handle. No back-light but pretty easy to read. The base has 4 little silicone feet for anti-skid. The scale operates ‍on a‌ CR2032 coin battery (pre-installed).What‌ I ‍really like about this kitchen gadget is⁤ that I can add the desired amount of an ingredient to the cup,‌ press the tare button to zero out the weight, and then⁤ repeat with ‌another ⁤ingredient. I can keep adding until I got ‌all ‍the ingredients in the cup and then pour the contents out into ⁤a mixer, or straight into the bread machine. This is super convenient and easy for baking, etc.The‍ minor issue I have with this ‍gadget is that the cup doesn’t seem⁤ to be ⁤BPA-free (at least there is no mention of it). The cup is washable but the scale is not, ‍which can ‌only be⁤ wiped⁤ clean.Overall,‍ I like this kitchen‌ gadget a lot. It is easy to use and works great. You can measure by weight and by volume. The benefit of taring ⁣the scale between adding ingredients to the ⁢cup is ​what ⁤sold‍ me.⁣ It saves ‍me time and the need ‌for multiple‌ bowls. I would recommend giving it a try. A⁢ good, handy kitchen gadget. 5 out ‌of 5 stars
As⁤ is typical for any new gadget you get, it takes a bit to figure out how to get it‍ to do ‍what you want. But it’s really quite simple and ⁣clever once you’ve used it ​a couple of⁣ times.When baking, I prefer to weigh ingredients⁢ rather than to go by ⁤volume. The ⁣thing that makes baking work is science, so it can be very important to measure accurately. Even ⁢with something as seemingly simple as “1 cup of ‍flour”, you can be all over the map depending on whether you scoop the flour out‍ with your measuring cup or spoon ‌it into your​ measuring cup. That’s why it’s ​usually much better to⁤ go ⁤by weight.This weighing measuring cup gives you five different‌ measuring options. Also, when adding⁢ multiple ingredients, you can ​use the tare function to ‌reset the weight to zero, allowing you to ⁤only weigh each item as you add it. The weight readings were accurate for ‍me, as ⁢were the volume markings.I am really ‌pleased that this product uses one of the most common, inexpensive and easy-to-find batteries​ out there;⁣ the CR2032.The only downside of this product, for me, is ‍that the measuring cup is plastic.​ I don’t ⁤like using⁤ plastic measuring cups or bowls in ‌the kitchen, especially when working with oils. Also, I ​already have and use two larger‌ platform scales in ‍the kitchen. I’m not ⁣sure how often I ‍will ‍reach for this item.Bottom line: Kind of gadgety, but also inexpensive. ⁢Good value. 4 out of 5 stars
product review: SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale‍ | Accurate Measurements with Cup ⁢Or Scale Platform | Unit ⁢Conversion Grams, Lbs/Oz, Fluid Oz,‌ CupsThis smartheart digital kitchen measuring cup scale is a cool concept to measure weight of solids,‌ or quantity of liquids. Honestly this⁣ is our ⁤first ever⁢ digital liquid measure cup scale. It is easy to use ⁤and ⁤clean. It is​ basically a digital scale that is designed to attach a‍ cup. Like most scales, it needs to be placed on a flat surface and ⁤zero’ed to​ measure weight. Holding the⁣ cup scale will not⁤ measure weight.Secondly, I have noticed the⁢ scale is not‌ accurate as described, I have tared the ‍scale ​and placed a ‌113g of‌ standard butter stick and I have noticed‍ the scale⁣ reads 116 g (or ‌2.6% higher weight). Also when using in flour mode, I measure⁣ 1/8th of cup in excess for 1 cup.I am giving a 3 star because of the possibility of ‌measuring liquids, cups etc.. in spite not being accurate. 3 out of 5 stars
I have never seen a scale like‌ this one by SmartHeart before. ⁢It’s a liquid measuring cup that sits on top of a scale.‌ Most of the ​time you will use‌ this as if it’s just one piece, but you can remove​ the cup and only use the flat ⁤part of ⁤the⁤ scale ⁢if ‌you want⁣ to measure some small solid ingredients. But normally you would ​use this to‍ measure liquids. You can‍ also use this scale to ‌add ⁤ingredients‌ to a⁤ liquid by⁣ pressing​ tare before you add each ‍new item. For example, you‍ want to mix a ​powder‌ with‍ a liquid and you need to measure the powder⁤ by weight instead of volume.‌ I am ‌sure there are many uses⁣ for this scale that I ⁤can’t think of now, ​but over‍ time I‌ expect this to become a very useful⁤ tool⁣ in my kitchen. ⁣The​ scale is also very accurate (I compared ​it side ‌by side with two other scales that I have). It uses a CR2032 battery, which is very common and easy to find.⁤ For the price, this scale is ⁤an‌ excellent value and would be a great addition to⁤ almost anyone’s kitchen. 5 out of 5⁤ stars
It ⁣came with‍ a battery and ‌didn’t work.I replaced with a new battery⁣ and still didn’t ⁤work.Will order another m one from a ⁢different manufacturer. 1 out of 5 stars

In general, ⁤customers have found ⁢the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen ⁤Measuring Cup⁤ Scale to be a convenient​ and useful kitchen ⁣gadget. Many appreciate the combination of a ⁣measuring cup and ⁣digital scale, ‍allowing ‌for accurate measurements of ⁣weight and volume. The ability to toggle ⁤between imperial and metric units is also seen as a positive feature. Customers have found the​ scale to be accurate and the‌ gadget to⁢ be well-made and durable.

One customer noted that​ the cup does not appear to be ⁤BPA-free,⁤ which​ may​ be a concern for some users.⁤ Additionally, another customer ‌mentioned ‍issues with accuracy, ⁤experiencing slight variations‌ in ⁢weight measurements.‍ However, other customers have found the scale to be accurate and ​have compared it ‌favorably to other scales they ⁢own.

Overall, ​customers have found this kitchen gadget to be easy to ‍use, convenient, and a time-saver. The option to tare the scale between adding ingredients to ⁣the cup has been ⁣particularly ‍appreciated for baking and ⁢cooking purposes. Despite some minor concerns,​ customers consider this measuring cup scale to be a good value and would recommend giving​ it a ​try.

Pros⁣ & Cons

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  1. Accurate ‌Measurements: The SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale provides precise measurements, whether you’re weighing ingredients or measuring liquids.‌ Say goodbye to guesswork ⁤in your recipes!
  2. Easy Unit Conversion: With just the push of a button, you⁣ can effortlessly switch between imperial and metric units, including grams, pounds and ounces, fluid ounces,​ and cups. No need for manual calculations!
  3. Versatile ⁤Usage: This measuring cup‍ scale offers ⁣multiple measurement ⁤modes, allowing you to measure weight,⁤ volume of water,‌ volume‍ of milk, volume of oil,⁤ and volume of ⁤flour. It’s a⁣ versatile tool for a variety ‍of recipes!
  4. Convenient Dual‍ Functionality: You can use the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale ⁤as ⁣both a ‌traditional measuring ‍cup and a weighing scale. The​ detachable cup and platform make ⁢it ‌easy to measure both liquids and ⁣solids.
  5. Durable and Easy to Clean: The plastic base‍ and pitcher of this measuring cup scale are built to last, ⁣and the washable cup with graduated ‍markings ensures accurate measurements of both liquid and dry ingredients. Cleaning up after ⁢cooking is ‍a breeze!


  1. Plastic Construction: Some users may prefer a more durable material than plastic for ​their kitchen tools. However, the sturdy construction of the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale ensures long-lasting use.
  2. No Batteries Included:‍ It’s worth noting that this product does not come ⁢with‌ batteries included. You will need to purchase ⁤them ⁢separately to⁣ power the measuring cup scale.


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Q: Can I use this measuring cup scale for ⁢both liquid and solid measurements?

A: Absolutely! The SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring ⁣Cup Scale is ⁣designed to cater ⁤to both⁢ liquid and solid⁣ measurements. You⁢ can use the cup ‌for measuring liquids or soft liquids, and you can place solids ⁣directly on the platform using ⁢the⁣ tare weight function.

Q: What unit conversions does this measuring​ cup scale support?

A: This measuring cup scale offers convenient⁢ unit conversions at the push of a button. It supports both ⁢imperial and metric unit conversions, including grams, lbs/oz, fluid⁢ oz, and cups. You can easily switch between different units to suit your recipe needs.

Q: Is ​the measuring cup scale durable?

A: Yes, the ‍SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup ⁢Scale is built to last. It features⁣ a durable plastic base and pitcher that can withstand regular use in the kitchen. The cup itself is washable with graduated ​markings⁢ for both liquid and dry ingredient measurements.

Q: What is⁢ the capacity of​ this measuring cup scale?

A: The ⁢measuring cup scale has a⁤ capacity of 3​ kg / 6.6⁤ lbs / 4 cups. It is designed to handle a ⁢wide range of recipe measurements, ​making ⁤it suitable for various cooking and baking ⁤needs.

Q: ⁤How‍ accurate are the measurements with this measuring cup scale?

A: The SmartHeart ‌Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale is designed to provide precise measurements. Whether you choose to use the cup or place ⁣the ingredients directly on the scale platform, you can expect‍ accurate readings for both liquid and solid measurements.

Q: Is the measuring⁤ cup scale easy to use?

A: Yes, this measuring ‌cup scale is incredibly user-friendly. The ‍two-piece design allows for convenient measurements, ‍and⁣ the unit conversion button makes it‍ effortless‍ to switch between different measurement modes.⁤ Whether⁣ you’re a beginner cook or an experienced chef, you’ll find this measuring cup ⁤scale easy to incorporate into your kitchen routine.

Q: Where can I purchase the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale?

A: You can purchase this measuring cup ​scale⁢ from various⁢ retailers and online platforms. Check out the product listing ​on Veridian Healthcare’s official website for more information on where to buy.

Unleash Your True ⁢Potential

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In conclusion, the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup⁤ Scale is the ultimate kitchen companion ⁤for anyone who values accuracy and ease ‍in their cooking adventures. With⁣ its precise measurements and convenient unit ⁣conversion capabilities, this measuring cup scale takes ⁢the guesswork out of recipe preparation.

Whether you’re measuring weight, volume, or even specific ingredients like water, milk, ⁢oil, or flour, this smart device has got you covered. It ​seamlessly switches between imperial and metric units at the push of a button, making it adaptable to any recipe ‌from around the world.

The versatility of this measuring cup scale is unmatched. You can use it to⁤ measure liquids‌ and soft liquids using the cup, or ⁢directly measure solids on the detachable platform with‌ the tare weight function.‍ No ⁣matter what your culinary aspirations are, this device has the functionality to support ⁤them.

Not only​ does the SmartHeart Digital ‍Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale excel in performance,‌ but‍ it is⁢ also built to last. The durable plastic base and ⁢pitcher ensure long-lasting use, while the washable ⁢cup with graduated markings allows ⁢for precise measurements of both liquid and⁢ dry ingredients. Its compact size and sleek design make it a great ‍addition ⁢to any⁤ kitchen countertop.

To experience the‍ convenience ‍and accuracy of the SmartHeart Digital Kitchen Measuring Cup Scale for yourself, click‌ here ⁤to purchase it on Amazon: Click Here. Say⁢ goodbye to inaccurate measurements and hello to culinary ‌perfection with this ‌exceptional kitchen tool.

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