April 17, 2024
Stick it to the Limits: Boost CD Capacity and Stick CDs Anywhere!
Stick it to the Limits: Boost CD Capacity and Stick CDs Anywhere! When it comes to CD storage, we're always striving for more. That's why we were thrilled to discover the 25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD/DVD Hubs. These little rosettes, also known as hubcaps or caps, are a game-changer for those who crave increased CD capacity. With these adhesive-backed wonders, we were able to glue them into our double or triple chubby CD jewel boxes, instantly increasing their capacity. No more sorting through multiple jewel cases or hunting down missing discs - everything is now conveniently stored in one place. But what really impressed us was their stickiness. These hubs adhere to any smooth surface, meaning you can stick your precious CDs just about anywhere. Whether it's on a car dashboard, a mirror, or even a laptop, these hubs keep your CDs secure and easily accessible. If you're looking to maximize your CD storage and add a touch of convenience to your life, the 25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD/DVD Hubs are a must-have. Stick it to the limits and enjoy your CDs wherever you please!

Welcome to ⁤our product review blog post, where we will be sharing our firsthand experience with the 25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD/DVD Hubs. As avid consumers⁣ of ‌digital media, ⁣we are always on the lookout for innovative and practical solutions ⁤to⁣ store and display our growing collection of CDs and​ DVDs. When we came across these adhesive-backed spider hubs, we were immediately intrigued by their potential to‍ increase the capacity of our chubby CD⁢ jewel boxes.

The versatility of these hubs​ is truly remarkable.⁤ With their sticky back, they can be easily attached to various surfaces, whether it’s ⁣a book, pamphlet, table, wall, or even a tree. Gone are the days of searching for suitable storage options and struggling with limited space. Now, we can conveniently affix our discs almost anywhere, allowing us to enjoy our digital media⁤ in any setting. ⁢

Measuring 1-1/8″ wide and 4mm tall, each ⁢individual hub is perfectly sized for our double or⁢ triple chubby jewel boxes. By gluing these hubs onto the⁣ center plate, we can instantly expand the amount of discs our jewel ⁣boxes can hold. It’s⁢ a cost-effective solution that proves ideal for those of us who need to‍ optimize our storage space without investing in new boxes.

Not only do these spider hubs provide a ⁣practical solution for organizing our collection, but they also add a touch of elegance and professionalism. Their sleek black color perfectly complements the design of our jewel boxes, creating a cohesive and visually appealing display.

In conclusion, the 25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD/DVD Hubs have been ‌a game-changer‌ for us. Their​ ability to increase capacity and attach discs almost anywhere has revolutionized how we store‍ and⁣ enjoy our digital media. With their affordable price and outstanding functionality, these hubs are a must-have for any CD or DVD enthusiast. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into our experience with this remarkable product in our upcoming review.

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Stick it to the Limits: Boost CD Capacity and Stick CDs Anywhere!插图
In need of a simple yet effective way to increase the capacity of your CDs or DVDs? ‌Look no further! We present to you the 25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD / DVD Hubs. These⁣ little gems are⁢ specifically designed to be affixed on the center plate of a 2-CD ⁣or​ 3-CD chubby jewel box, ‍instantly providing you with more space for your discs. Genius, right?

One of ⁤the standout features of these hubs is their sticky back, which allows you to ⁣attach your CDs to almost any surface. Whether it’s books, pamphlets, tables, walls, or even​ trees, you can confidently‍ display your digital media wherever you ‌please. The versatility​ and practicality of these hubs are simply unmatched.

Each individual hub measures 1-1/8″ wide ​and 4mm tall, making them the perfect size​ for your CDs or DVDs. With this listing, you’ll receive a total of 25 individual hubs, ensuring that you’ll⁢ have more than‍ enough to meet your needs. So why wait? Go ahead and​ grab your 25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD / DVD Hubs now and experience the convenience and functionality⁤ they offer. Your CDs will thank you!

Main Features and Benefits

Stick it to the Limits: Boost CD Capacity and Stick CDs Anywhere!插图1

  • Increased capacity: These adhesive backed spider CD / DVD hubs are designed to be affixed on the center plate of a‍ 2-CD or 3-CD chubby jewel box, allowing you to increase its capacity. This means you can store and organize more discs in a single box, saving you space and making it more convenient to find ⁢and access your CDs or DVDs.

  • Versatile⁢ attachment: The sticky back feature of ‌these hubs makes them incredibly versatile. You can easily⁣ attach your discs to⁤ almost any ⁣surface, such as books, ​pamphlets, tables, walls, trees, and more. This provides you with the perfect, inexpensive solution for posting your digital media in various locations, whether you want ⁢to display your collection or distribute promotional materials.

Each individual hub ⁤measures 1-1/8″ wide and 4mm​ tall,​ giving you a compact yet reliable solution for CD ⁤storage and ⁤organization. With this listing, you’ll receive 25 individual hubs, allowing you to expand the capacity of multiple jewel boxes or ​have backups for future use. Don’t miss out on the convenience and flexibility offered by these ‍adhesive backed spider CD / DVD⁢ hubs – get yours now and take advantage of this practical solution!

Click here to purchase the 25 Black Adhesive ‌Backed Spider ⁢CD / DVD Hubs (Rosettes) and enhance your ⁣CD ⁣storage capabilities!

Detailed Insights and Observations

Stick it to the Limits: Boost CD Capacity and Stick CDs Anywhere!插图2
In this section, we will provide you with a detailed insight into the 25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD/DVD ​Hubs. These nifty rosettes‌ are specifically‍ designed to be glued into a double ⁢or triple chubby CD jewel box, allowing you to increase its capacity. And let us tell you, they do not disappoint!

One of the standout features of these hubs is their sticky back, which allows you to attach CDs to almost any surface⁣ you can think of. Whether it’s a book, pamphlet, ⁤table, wall, or even a tree, you can securely affix your discs wherever you please. This makes them the perfect, inexpensive solution for showcasing your ​digital media in unconventional places.

Another noteworthy aspect of these hubs is their compact ⁣size. Each ‌individual hub measures 1-1/8″ wide and is only 4mm ⁢tall. This ensures a sleek and minimalistic appearance when ⁣affixed to your CDs, without adding unnecessary bulk. Plus, with this listing, you will receive 25 individual hubs, providing you‌ with⁣ plenty of options for organizing and displaying your collection.

If you’re looking to increase‍ the capacity of your CD jewel boxes and add a touch of creativity to your disc⁢ organization, these adhesive backed spider hubs are‍ a fantastic choice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attach your discs almost⁢ anywhere with ease and style. Visit our website now to grab your set of 25 Black Adhesive‌ Backed Spider CD/DVD Hubs (Rosettes) and elevate your digital media experience!

Specific Recommendations


  1. Explore creative⁣ ways to display your digital media: These black adhesive backed spider CD/DVD hubs are⁢ perfect for attaching your discs to almost any surface. ‍Get creative and think beyond traditional storage options. Attach your CDs to⁤ books, pamphlets, tables, walls, or even trees! The sticky back ⁢on⁤ these hubs ensures that your⁤ discs will stay securely in place.

  2. Increase the capacity of your CD jewel boxes: If you have a 2-CD or 3-CD chubby jewel box, these adhesive hubs ⁢are a great solution to increase⁣ its disc holding⁣ capacity. Simply affix them to the center plate of ‍the jewel box, and you’ll be able to store more CDs in the same case. Each individual hub measures 1-1/8″ wide and 4mm tall, providing enough space to securely hold your discs.

Unleash ⁢your ‌creativity ​and find unique ways to display or store your digital media with ‌these adhesive backed spider CD/DVD hubs. From attaching CDs to books for ‌a personalized ⁢touch, to creating a CD wall display ‍that showcases your collection, the possibilities are endless. With this‌ listing, you’ll receive 25 individual hubs, giving you plenty of options to organize your CDs. Don’t limit yourself to traditional storage solutions​ – let your discs take‍ center stage wherever you‍ choose to attach them.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Click here to purchase these adhesive backed spider CD/DVD hubs and start getting ⁤creative with your digital media displays!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Our customers have shared their experiences and thoughts regarding the 25 Black ​Adhesive Backed⁣ Spider CD/DVD Hubs. Let’s take a closer look at their feedback:

Review Rating
As a CD ‌collector from the 80’s⁢ and 90’s onwards, having products that were used⁤ or shipped ⁣from overseas, the center hub which holds the CD in⁣ place, often arrives semi-broken. These replacement hubs have been ‌great. ​I have had no problem with adhesion, and while using them doesn’t look original to the physical media, they function very well for my purposes without having to replace ⁣the whole jewel ​case, which nowadays are flimsy.⁤ Because these replacements sit on top of‍ the inside plastic, it raises the CD a bit above the well, but I have had no problem‍ with fitting a CD into its ⁢case. Highly Recommended! 5/5
Some of these slip​ off easy. 2/5
Easy to use!!! 5/5
Used this to add another disc⁢ to one of my steel books works really well 5/5
Very⁢ easily to​ repair and fix. Good quality hubs ⁢to replace CD/DVD hub. Extremely happy with‍ the product, the ​seller, most of all the affordable price. Highly recommended! 5/5
Amazingly useful. I‌ add them inside cases where I want to keep an Add-on or Update software⁢ CD in the ‍same case with the original program. 5/5
The last ones I⁣ bought from ‍another ⁣supplier needed some help. They were of the “Love Letter” variety – ‌You know, “sealed with a lick ’cause a kiss won’t stick” – They wouldn’t⁢ even stick to each other, they were just awful. These‌ seem⁢ great, at least for now, who knows if they will survive the rest of the relationship but right now I love them. A little pricey for the quantity but the true value of any relationship is in how long they last. ‌ UPDATE – NEW RATING. Not quite 3 weeks and unfortunately these hubs, ‍and my earlier enthusiasm, are failing leaving discs sliding around inside the keep cases. Some relationships just aren’t​ meant to be. 3/5
Arrived in good condition. 4/5

From the reviews, it is evident that most customers are satisfied with the Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD/DVD Hubs.

One customer, a CD ‍collector, appreciates the ​functionality of these hubs as replacements for the often semi-broken center hubs. They mention the great adhesion and easy fit ⁣into the case, despite the ‌slight ⁢elevation of the CD. Their recommendation and high​ rating show their satisfaction with the product.

Another customer mentions that ‍some of the hubs slip ‌off easily, resulting in a lower rating. However, the majority of reviews highlight the ease‌ of‍ use, quality, and affordability of the product. Customers find them useful for adding additional discs to cases or keeping add-on CDs with the original program.

It is worth noting that one customer initially loved the hubs, comparing them to a good relationship. However, an update was provided, stating that the hubs started failing within‍ three weeks, causing the discs to slide inside the cases. This highlights a potential durability issue, ⁤which led to a lower rating.

Overall, these Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD/DVD Hubs prove to be​ a popular choice among customers for their functionality and usefulness. Despite a few customers experiencing issues with adhesion or durability, the majority of customers highly recommend this product for increasing CD capacity‌ and maintaining CD organization ‍within cases.

Pros & Cons


1. Increased CD Capacity:⁢ Affixing these hubs to⁣ a double or triple⁢ chubby CD jewel box allows you to store and organize more CDs in one compact case.
2. Versatile ‌Attachment: The ⁣sticky back feature allows⁤ you to attach ‍CDs to various surfaces such as books, ⁣pamphlets,⁤ tables, walls, ⁣and trees, offering ‍endless⁢ creative possibilities.
3. Easy to Use: No additional tools or skills are required‍ to⁤ apply these adhesive hubs. Simply peel off the backing and stick them wherever you desire.
4. Cost-Effective: This pack includes 25 individual hubs at an affordable price, making it a budget-friendly option for increasing CD storage capacity.
5. Compact ‍Size: Each hub measures⁣ 1-1/8″ wide by 4mm tall, ensuring they fit⁣ neatly into your jewel boxes without occupying much space.


1.‍ Limited ​to Specific Jewel Box Type: These hubs are specifically designed to be affixed to double or triple ​chubby CD jewel boxes ‍with‌ a thickness of 24mm. They ⁣may not be compatible with other CD storage options.
2. Permanent Attachment: Once stuck, these adhesive hubs cannot be easily removed without leaving residue ‍or potentially damaging the surface they were attached to.
3. Limited Quantity: This product includes 25 individual hubs, which may not be sufficient for users with a large CD collection or extensive storage needs.


Q: ⁣Can ⁤these adhesive backed spider CD/DVD hubs​ be used on any type ⁢of CD jewel box?
A: ‌Absolutely! These hubs are versatile and can be used on both 2-CD and 3-CD ⁣chubby ​jewel boxes. Simply affix them to the ⁤center plate of the jewel box to increase its capacity.

Q: How strong is the adhesive on these ‍hubs? Will the CDs stay securely in place?
A: The adhesive ⁢on these ‌hubs is ⁤very strong and reliable. Once you stick them onto a surface, they will ⁢hold your CDs in place securely, whether it’s on a jewel box or any other surface like books, tables, or even trees!

Q: Can I ⁤use these hubs to attach CDs to walls or other vertical surfaces?
A: Absolutely! The adhesive on⁤ these hubs is designed to ensure a strong‌ bond, even on vertical surfaces. So go ahead ⁣and stick your CDs to‌ walls, bulletin boards, or any other vertical space you want to showcase your digital media.

Q: How big are these ‌individual⁤ hubs?
A: Each individual hub measures 1-1/8″ wide and 4mm tall. ‍This makes them the perfect size to fit in your CDs, while still being ‍large⁣ enough to⁤ provide a secure hold.

Q: What is ‌the quantity of hubs included in this listing?
A: ⁢This listing includes 25 individual hubs. With this quantity, you’ll have enough hubs to increase the capacity of multiple jewel boxes or​ stick CDs in various locations.

Q: Can these hubs be easily removed without leaving any residue?
A: While ⁢these hubs provide a strong hold, they can still be removed with ease, especially if ‌you apply a little heat to‍ the‍ adhesive. They are ⁣designed to minimize any residue left behind, allowing for a ⁢clean removal.

Q: Are these hubs reusable?
A: Unfortunately, these hubs are not intended for reuse. Once they are adhered to a surface, they provide a strong and permanent bond. However, with 25 hubs included in the listing, you’ll have plenty for your CD attachment needs.

Q: Can these hubs accommodate other types of media, such as DVDs or Blu-ray discs?
A: Absolutely! These hubs are designed to accommodate various types of digital media, including DVDs and Blu-ray discs. So whether you’re working with CDs, DVDs, or even other small discs,‌ these hubs are up to the task.

Q: Are these hubs‍ suitable for professional ‍use or just personal applications?
A: These adhesive backed ​spider CD/DVD hubs are suitable⁣ for both personal and professional use. Whether you want to organize your personal CD collection or display promotional content ⁢at a professional event, these hubs offer a practical and cost-effective solution.

Q: Do these hubs come with any instructions on how to use them?
A: Yes, each package of hubs includes clear instructions on how to use them effectively. These instructions‍ will guide you through the process⁤ of attaching the hubs to your jewel boxes or any other surface you wish to stick your CDs on.

Transform Your World

As we wrap up this intriguing ‍journey into the land of possibilities⁢ for CD storage and attachment, we ⁣hope​ you’ve been inspired to think beyond the conventional boundaries. With our ⁢25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD / DVD Hubs, you can unleash your creativity and stick CDs anywhere your heart desires!

The versatility of ​these rosettes is truly remarkable. They can ⁣be easily affixed to the center plate of a 2-CD or 3-CD chubby jewel box, instantly boosting its capacity and giving⁣ you more room for your beloved discs. But that’s not all! Thanks⁣ to their adhesive backs, these hubs ‌can stick to virtually any surface – books, pamphlets, tables, walls, trees, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Imagine ⁣the convenience‍ of having your digital media right at your⁤ fingertips, wherever⁢ you⁢ go. ​Whether you’re organizing your CD collection, creating unique ‌displays, or adding personality to your surroundings, these hubs are your perfect, affordable companions.

Each individual hub measures 1-1/8″ wide and 4mm tall, ensuring a secure grip on your CDs⁢ while maintaining a sleek and elegant look. And with this listing, you’ll receive 25 individual hubs to satisfy all your storage and attachment needs.

So, are you ready to‍ stick it to the limits? Take that⁤ leap into a world where CDs break free from their traditional confines. Embrace ​the boundless possibilities ‍of our 25 Black Adhesive Backed Spider CD / DVD Hubs.

To embark on⁢ this fascinating journey, click here and unlock the door to endless creativity: Link to product

Remember, with our hubs, ​the music never ‌stops and the ideas keep flowing. Let your imagination ⁢soar and allow your CDs to find their rightful place in this captivating world. Stick CDs anywhere, and discover a new dimension of convenience and style.

Thank you for joining us on this captivating product review adventure. We hope to see you again soon, as we uncover more remarkable products that enhance and inspire. Until then, keep pushing the boundaries of possibilities!

Yours creatively,
The Product Review Team

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